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The Company – Success through innovation


We are partners of industry, providing custom solutions in the fields of electronics and precision engineering/optics. Success through innovation is our motto. We make it our job to develop new applications and solutions that go beyond the state of the art and provide real added value for the client.

2012 Communication between controls and smartphones
2012 New controls with capacitive touch screens for ovens and proofers
2011 New microcurrent device with touch screen based on PC technology
2010 New controls for customer specific applications
2009 Introduction of color displays and capacitive touch panels
2008 Doubled the size of the production facility for controllers and load cells
2007 Development and production of a medical micro current device for treatment of pain (Power2Cell) for personal use
since 2006 Development and production of control and power electronics for dental equipment
since 2004 Production of load cells using strain gauge technology for the automotive service industry
since 2003 Development and production of micro current and biophoton devices for treatment of pain and ailments
2002 Linking of controllers using Ethernet technology
since 1993 Development and production of display based controllers for the bakery equipment industry
1992 Move to Unterschleissheim
1991 Development and manufacturing of electromechanical- optical sensors for wheel alignment equipment
1986 Development of a computer-controlled oven controller for a leading manufacturer. Subsequently, development and production of several models and lines of custom oven controllers.
1984 Establishment of “Dr. Schwab Gesellschaft für Technologieberatung mbH” in Munich. Expansion of consulting services to the area of contract development
1982 Establishment of the consulting firm „Dr. Schwab” Execution of projects in the field of consumer electronics