Medical Engineering

As a DIN EN ISO 13485 certified company we are able to develop, design and manufacture custom equipment for medical and cosmetic applications. From development to production, we guarantee consistent quality at the highest level for our customers.

Research & Development

In the course of a government supported (ZIM) cooperation project between the Dr. Schwab GfT mbH and the clinic and polyclinic for orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation of the hospital of the university Munich, a portable and wireless micro current device (so called wearable) with electrodes embedded into the textile bandage for pain treatment, was developed. Besides a series of tests that were performed on patients suffering from arthrosis of the knee, the effects of different current and frequency profiles on pathological cells were examined in an in-vitro study. From the herein obtained results, treatment parameters can be optimized and programs tailored to specific ailments can be created.

Micro current

For over 15 years, we have been developing and producing micro current device for clients. Due to this long lasting experience in the field of medical devices, we are able to resort to a wealth of experience with respect to the requirements of a medical device, as well as for its registration according to all valid norms and regulations. As we do not only develop these devices, but also manufacture them at our facilities, we also have a deep understanding concerning technical feasibility and economical production.
Among the devices produced by us are the “Power2Cell”, developed for the end user, as well as the “Clinic Master” and the “HD-1000”, intended for professional use.

Learn more about our microcurrent device MSTU 100 (German Website) - Supportive pain and wound therapy without medication.

Other Medical Devices

We would be happy to transform your ideas into reality!
From the first feasibility study, the realization of prototypes to the production of larger quantities and registration according to the valid regulations, we would like to support you with our team of specialists.

Digital Power Electronics

Besides the production of complete device, we also develop and manufacture highly complex electronic components for medical devices.